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Company Background
BOREGYDE INC. was founded in 1991 with the charter to design, manufacture, and supply "CABLELESS" ™ EM Telemetry MWD Steering Systems to the Utility Installation Contractor and Environmental Remediation Contractor communities for the purpose of guiding directionally drilled boreholes.

In 1998, Boregyde acquired Geoscience Electronics, Corp. including its line of oilfield and mining "CABLELESS" ™ Steering Systems. With this addition, Boregyde became the leading supplier of "CABLELESS" ™ Steering Systems in the world.

Currently, Boregyde tools are used around the world in all aspects of the Directional Drilling community. Highly regarded for our reliabilty and fanatical customer support, the testimonials by our customers clearly show that Boregyde is the premier manufacturer and supplier of wireless EM Telemetry equipment. The evolution of our tools show a commitment to embracing and improving all current trends and standards as new technology emerges in the Directional Drilling field.

Boregyde's Basic Business
Boregyde's primary business is the design, manufacture, sales, and servicing of is proprietary "CABLELESS" ™ EM Telemetry MWD Steering Systems. The systems are employed in Oil-Field Services, Mining Services, Utility Installation and Environmental Remediation business communities for the purpose of guiding directionally drilled boreholes. The vehicle for that business is the "ARC-GYDE" ™ EM Telemetry MWD family of systems and services.

Mission Statement
Boregyde is committed to reducing the cost of directional drilling by supplying and supporting innovative, reliable, and cost effective directional steering products and services to the Directional Drilling community.

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