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EM Transmissions:
  • Frequency selection 2hz to 12hz
  • Auto gain control (AGC)
  • QPSK encoding with cycles/frame control (sets bit rate)
  • Analog and digital filter controls

Transmission Data:
  • Loop tool format fully selectable by job
  • Full Surveys include all sensor channels plus tool status
  • Short surveys include inclination, azimuth, toolface,
        and truncated status
  • RPM data available
  • Onboard accels measure RMS vibration and shock
  • Accel RMS data can be transmitted to surface and/or
        stored in flash
  • Gamma data during sliding, rotary, or both
  • Focused gamma (windowed) available
  • Interface to external PWD module

Remote Display:
  • SSDS DDU 300 baud
  • SSDS RFD 1200 baud
  • BenchTree RD-G 9600 baud
  • Azonix ADU
  • Tensor Wireline
  • Ascii Log
  • Hind Technologies Wireless RDU

Internal Drillers Display - Click Picture:

Internal Drillers Display
Remote Interfaces Incoming:
  • WITS in data includes:
  • Measured Bit Depth
  • Drill Rate (ROP)
  • Hook Load (Max)
  • Surface RPM
  • Pump Strokes
  • Block Position
  • Standpipe Pressure
  • Torque On Surface
  • Weight On Bit
Remote Interfaces Outgoing:
  • WITS out data includes:
  • Survey - Number, Date, Time, Depth, Data, Type
  • Positional - Inclination, Raw Azimuth, Corrcted Azimuth
  • Steering - Toolface Offset, Highside Toolface, MagSteer
  • Gamma - Depth, Counts, Window, Sync
  • Pressure - Internal, External

WETS™ can run on any Windows XP or later laptop or PC. The program communicates through serial ports that can be added to any computer by means of usb-to-serial connectors. Boregyde offers custom laptop/pc setups that include all hardware needed and ideal operating system setups with all software used in standard operations.

Boregyde Custom Laptop Controller - Click Picture:

Boregyde Custom PC Controller - Click Picture:


Boregyde Custom Laptop/PC Controllers Include the Following Features:
  • Custom recovery solutions on a usb thumb drive are included with each system that can restore the computer
         to factory condition in as little as 15 minutes in case of operating system corruption due to viruses or accidental damage.
  • 4-Port optically isolated usb-to-serial hub which allows simultaneous connection to the sonde, receiver, RDU, and
        WITS interface
  • Remote support software hosted by Citrix GoToManage™ which allows support staff to connect your system live on
        the job site and share/control your screen as long as there is an internet connection available to you
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook are installed on every system
  • Custom Windows power management and update settings that prevent computer from going to sleep or updating
        when unattended during jobs
  • Robust 1000VA/600W Pure Sine Wave battery backup to prevent laptop/PC shutdown during operation and protection
        against current/voltage fluctuations at rig sites
  • Laptops include a notebook mouse, mousepad, and metal briefcase which houses all controller equipment and software
        (except battery backup)
  • PC's include a keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and monitor (any size monitor can be included, price varies accordingly)
  • All laptop/PC controllers are extensively tested running WETS jobs in our shop to ensure proper operation before
        entering the field


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